borg queen

found the pictures my old roommate took and since i don't have a scanner, i just took pictures of my pictures with my digital until i find a better solution

there are no final pictures of this doll and until i can track down the owner, there won't be

naked ballerina barbie
getting started
ripping her head off and scoring torso removal lines
removing face paint
this is the cinderella head i used because of the jaw shape
removing the top of the torso
smoothing edges
heating my dental pick
making the "flesh" holes for the metal grippers
soldering iron proves more effective
naked doll in parts
hard to see, but this is the application of hot glue to make belly ridges
applying liquid vinyl
parts covered with liquid vinyl, feet are shaped, spine is in place
standing with arms in place
the last picture i have, testing balance, the structural parts of her head are done, wires in and the holes drilled up her legs for pin insertion. she ended up solid, but she has all the internal borg queen parts

there are a few other photos, but all i can find are the negatives. hopefully i can get all the negatives put on a cd and get all of these looking better


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