Things I do with makeup and glue

Hallowe'en 2006
zombie barron
the hole in his skull
the REALLY fun part is removing his zombie flesh
bondage fun jesus needed his stigmata so we did these in the bathroom during his party.

people assumed the lash marks on his back were real... hehe.. lipliner and powder!

and the spear wound was good until he sat down and then it puckered a bit. but it was all in good fun

Hallowe'en 2004
latex "woochie" brand ears applied with spirit gum and edged with liquid latex

ears, melody, Halloween 2004

me as the

bride of frankenstein

Halloween 2004

the REALLY scary part is that the hair only takes 10 minutes. And thanks to my sister for the shroud
the scars I made for the first day the scars I wore the second day the first scars, setting the gel

this is the scar i made for the second day of makeup: much thinner and more flexible.

i just wish I'd had more time to get the color right. i forgot that i had gotten that tan in the Virgin Islands.

so when preparing special effects in the middle of the night make sure your unopened bottle of liquid latex hasn't gone wonky. if it has you may end up making flesh colored gel out of plain gelatin and oil free liquid base, like these. hey it works, but they do get a little crusty after 11 hours at work.