Princess Tayotama's dress

beads, beads, beads
I still a have a yard of this gorgeous fabric
and with all the heavy glass beads it drapes so well

NEW!!!! The Masquerade!

coming soon : pictures of the long lost sea dragon leather mask

"Welcome to the Sea Palace, (Ryn Gu,) the home of the Dragon King of the Sea, (Ryn Jin)!"

"Urashima, being only a poor fisher lad, did not know how to behave in a palace; but, strange though it all was to him, he did not feel ashamed or embarrassed, but followed his kind guides quite calmly where they led to the inner palace. When he reached the portals a beautiful Princess with her attendant maidens came out to welcome him. She was more beautiful than any human being, and was robed in flowing garments of red and soft green like the underside of a wave, and golden threads glimmered through the folds of her gown. Her lovely black hair streamed over her shouldersin the fashion of a king's daughter many hundreds of years ago, and when she spoke her voice sounded like music over the water."

from The Japanese Fairy Book, compiled by Yei Theodora Ozaki



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