The Masquerade

a friend recently pointed out that the accessories i make are more desirable than the complete dolls.

i think so too.

after finding a long forgotten leather dragon mask that was supposed to go with princess tayotama's dress i realized that maybe people want handmade masks for their dolls.

the tortoiseshell cat mask

princess tayotama's dragon mask

coming soon

coming soon

these are some of the parts i intend to use to make masks. also i'll be using apoxiesculpt and paperclay


here's the beginning of the fox mask

i have loads of great ideas for masks to make

and a whole box of feathers just waiting to become black and white swans, owls, peacocks and whatever else i dream up

i can do leather, papier mache, fur, metal or paper

you think of a creation and i'll take the comission

don't forget about mardi gras! i'm dreaming of a selection of mardi gras masks and accessories with a portion of sales donated to the victims of hurricane katrina

check out the current project/s in progress!


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