Making a paperclay fox mask
setting up the work area. in this case two rubbermaid bins full of junk in front of my chair. can't get my work table out from behind the extra washer and dryer currently in my dining room. don't ask
a slurry of reconstituted paperclay. i actually need this goo
a ball of the appropriate working texture of paperclay. firm, damp, NOT sticky
all the raw stuff
beginning to flatten the shape
applying it to the head
shaping and trimming the ears. you don't think i have this weird thumbnail for anything other than a tool do you?
picking up a bit of the slurry to use as 'glue'
adding the slurry before attaching the ear
sticking the ear on
it's a multi-step process
side view of the nose bridge being built up
roughing out the eye holes
the mask after smoothing it out a bit
the basic shape being left to dry. eventually it will have paint and 'fur' on it
the basic mask released from the head



in progress

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