the latest pictures

(and potentially videos at some point)

of the work in progress

the tools
the sacrifice

going to take this fake stained glass kit and put the crystals into little bags i make out of the oven bag material. then throw it in the oven, pull it out with heat insulated tweezers, cut off a corner and squeeze it out like a pastry bag onto barbie's naked bald head.

first to make a naked bald head......

well i ripped all the hair out a doll with a nice closed mouth (no undercuts for the mold) and made an inverse mold and now the cast is setting
barbie makes a great mold because you can pull her squishy little head right out after setting
here's the inverse mold
scraping the messy bits off to make it smooth (the hair leaves holes)
greasing it up so the cast will release
mixing the plaster
pouring it in
then after you tap out the air bubbles, make sure you insert a wire or something to be able to get the cast out.
the cast
and a side view


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